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Men's Ministry

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Title: A Dad that Delivers

Our "Dad that Delivers" seminar presents the 6 Basics of Becoming an effective father.  We give you lots of helpful and practical examples. It is grounded in Scripture and emphasizes the importance of prayer and forgiveness.  A lively multimedia presentation featuring slides, videos and music speaks clearly to the heart of each dad.  Participants develop their own action plan using the seminar workbook and are challenged to commit to being a Dad that Delivers!

Title:  Becoming a Man of IMPACT

This four hour seminar presents a challenge from the life of Ezra to become a man that impacts his sphere of influence. The seminar challenges men to begin to formulate a purpose statement for their lives.

Title: Living & Leaving Your Legacy

Our Living and Leaving Your Legacy Seminar will challenge fathers, to evaluate the legacies they have been given and to develop a plan for the ones they are leaving.  (Click title to go to the Legacy page.)

Title:  The Pyramid of Priorities

In the busyness of life, have you ever had trouble discerning whether or not you are doing the "best" things at the expense of doing the good things?  This seminar walks you through the pyramid of priorities as presented by Paul.  Very practical and thought provoking!  The workshop ends with the apostle's four step program to help you refocus your life's priorities.

Title:  Two A Days

Based on Pat Morley's book, "A Man's Guide to Spiritual Disciplines,” our "Two A Days" workshop is geared toward helping men develop the daily faith practices that build up spiritual strength.  Much like a professional athlete heads to training camp to prepare for the season ahead, we believe that men need to learn and practice the disciplines that God gives us in His Word.

Our Family Life Surveys reveal that 75% of the men in today's churches want a deeper spiritual walk with God, but very few even know where to begin to achieve that walk.  With the demands of the workplace, the home and all the other pressures that men are feeling, finding time for spiritual disciplines seems to be an impossible task.

It doesn't have to be!  Each session during "Two A Days" we will explore two spiritual disciplines, discussing practical ways to incorporate these disciplines into even the busiest schedule.

Title: Straight Talk

Sexual immorality used to be something we had to actively pursue - buying a certain magazine or renting a certain video, for example.  Now, immorality is something we have to actively reject!  It comes to us through the television, through our computer, in print media, even on our cell phones!

Straight Talk is a frank, candid, and open discussion about sexuality, sensuality and purity.  Tackling the tough issues with sensitivity and appropriateness, this workshop will digs deep into the Word to discover all that God has to say about the most intimate area of our marriages.

After participating in Straight Talk men and women will be able to:

1.  Understand the Biblical mandates for purity

2.  Recognize the Issues and Warning Signs of impurity

3.  Expose the Myths and Lies

4.  Achieve Victory!

In addition to workshops designed for retreats, we also have some Men's Ministry Stand Alone Presentations. These can be used for men's breakfasts, special events, or in a retreat format as well.

Title: Who's on Your Pit Crew? 

Life is a "rat race" and we can't win alone. We need someone to put air in our tires, gas in our tanks, and clean the debris from our car so that we can run to win! This talk compares the role of a NASCAR pit crew to a small group of men in our lives. We use lots of NASCAR pictures to reinforce the presentation. Men will be strongly encouraged to get connected with other men.

Title: 10 Ways to Treat Your Lover

If there are 50 ways to leave your lover, there are ten powerful ways to please her! This talk quickly overviews these ten practical steps to pleasing your wife.

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