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  • Honoraria will be determined by the event. We will be happy to discuss the details with you. 
  • House on the Rock Ministries does request reimbursement for all of the expenses of providing the event.


  • In order to help our resource people minister to the most people, and to make the best use of their time away from their families, we ask you make every effort to get as many to the event as possible. You may invite other groups to participate.
  • House on the Rock will help with publicity suggestions. Please contact us for promotion information.


  • Conference sponsors will need to provide airfare to all events located at a distance beyond a 4 - hour drive from Lancaster, PA.
  • House on the Rock will make travel / flight arrangements.
  • For week-long conferences, we requests that travel provisions be made for the resource person’s family if necessary.
  • Reimbursement for all traveling expenses, driving mileage at the federal mileage rate, and for all meals in transit.


  • The sponsoring organization is responsible to provide housing for the speaker, and possibly one associate for the duration of the event. Details will be included on the Agreement and Information form. 
  • All meals should be provided. 


  • Large projection screen. 
  • Podium (with a high stool for all day events) 
  • Lapel microphone (preferably cordless).


House on the Rock Ministries publishes and distributes materials, as well as conference speaking. In order to offer conference participants our resources, we request that display space of (1) 8 foot table be made available for the presentation and sale of materials.

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