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Parenting Ministry

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The job of parenting is not easy.  House on the Rock's parenting seminars are filled with biblical principles and practical help.  Contact us today to schedule a seminar or conference today.  Here is a list of the current seminars available:

Title: 5 Keys to Biblical Parenting:

Designed for parents who desire to sharpen their skills, this seminar provides an overview of  5 keys to effective parenting:  modeling, controlling, communicating, interacting, and creating character building experiences.  Practical examples are plentiful.  This is one of our most requested presentations.   Links well with "Parenting Styles" Seminar (see below)

Title: Determining and Understanding Your Parenting Style:

This presentation surveys the four major parenting styles.  Each participant will be "tested" to determine their parenting style.  Implications as to how each style impacts children will be presented.  A discussion will explain how you can change your parenting style if needed.   Links well with "5 Keys to Parenting."

Title: Keeping Your Kids from Canaan: Preparing Them for a Godless World:

Learn how to develop and deepen the spiritual life of your children.  This presentation highlights the instructions of Moses to the people of God in Deuteronomy 6.  Life changing  mandates, methods, and motivations are mined from the text.  These were given to the Israelites before they entered into the land of the Canaanites ... wealthy, materialistic, idol worshiping -- God hating people ... sound familiar?  We as believers can prepare our children to ward off the plague of the Canaanites.

Title: What's Happening to My Teenager?

This workshop overviews adolescent development.  It will help parents understand the many transitions that are taking place within the lives of their teens.  Practical applications and implications for parenting teens are shared.

Title: Technology 101   

We live in a world saturated with technology.  Our kids are growing up with cell phones, social media, and computers being the norm in our homes.  But when it comes to understanding how all this technology impacts the families, parents are at a loss for words!  During this workshop, we hope to "debug" the mysteries of these technologies, understand the risks and benefits of social networking, and help the unconnected parent raise connected kids with a Biblical perspective. 

Title: His GRAND Scheme

The number of grandparents who are parenting their grandchildren on either a full-time or part-time basis is growing daily!  Adapted from the book "Extreme Grandparenting" by Tim and Darcy Kimmel, this workshop discusses four roles that grandparents can play in the lives of their grandchildren and give some practical strategies on how they can connect to their grandkids on a deeper level.  Also a great workshop for parents, as we discuss how parents can help connect these two generations. 

Title: This Isn't the Brady Bunch Anymore!

When it comes to stepfamillies, many of the "rules" about parenting and marriage simply don't apply!  This workshop is geared towards both couples who have a stepfamily and those in the church who are not.  We discuss some strategies for creating healthy stepfamilies and also point out some of the unique qualities of stepfamilies that individuals and churches (particularly church leaders) need to understand the be able to minister to them effectively.

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